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2 Florida Congressmen Growing in Office

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Senator Bob McKnight speaking at Miami Dade Community College in 1984.

Post # 79, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

As a general rule, I am not impressed with Florida's Congressional Delegation--either Democrats or Republicans. For the record, I am a Democrat, but lost a lot of my enthusiasm for the Party some time ago.

So, it is with a little bit of surprise I write today about 2 of our 25 members of the Florida Delegation to Congress in a very positive light.

Congressman Ted Yoho (R., Gainesville). When first elected, I thought this arch conservative veterinary doctor cannot be elected from Gainesville, with the district's great concentration of liberal academia from the University of Florida. I somewhat wrote his election off as a fluke. But, I have watched his public statements, especially as a member of the U.S. House Asia and Pacific Subcommittee. He has proposed a far reaching bill to introduce trade with Mongolia as a bridge to our dangerous potential foes of Russia and China. His legislation enjoys bi-partisan support and flies in the face of President Trump's emphasis on America only initiatives. The Congressman had pledged to only serve out his current term, but it is unfortunate because he is just getting some real momentum in an otherwise fractured Congress.

Congressman Vern Buchanan (R., Sarasota). The Congressman is a wealthy car dealer from Sarasota, but seems to be slightly out of touch with his growing moderate constituents. He had a close re-election in 2018, and has already drawn a strong Democratic opponent for 2020. Perhaps that is why he surprised many in Washington by coming out for aggressive management of unregulated Wildlife Trafficking, as a grave threat to endangered animals world wide. Almost a 100% supporter of President Trump, his initiative flies in the face of the hunting crazed sons of the President, who like to have pictures sent around the world of killing rare and valuable endangered animals. With elderly constituents, Buchanan is one of the few Republicans working on improving the existing health care system, which he refuses to call Obama care. Nothing like a tough election coming up to affect your priorities in Congress.

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