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Honoring a Courageous Floridian

As with so many others, I have pointed out that a courageous act often starts with but one step. I noticed recently that mega political adviser Sally Bradshaw has announced that she is switching her part allegiance from the Republican Party to Independent. That is a significant decision for any of us, but so much more so for Ms. Bradshaw. Consider:

-- She is a long time successful main adviser to Governor Jeb Bush (R., Fl.).

-- Her husband, Paul, has a prime political consulting firm, specializing in Republicans.

-- The dominant political party in Florida, that she helped create, is, and has been for a long time, the GOP.

-- The zealots in the remaining Republican Party will not easily welcome her back.

-- She seems to have no attraction for the other major political party, leaving her without strategic direction as an Independent. In other words, she has no separate agenda.

So what prompted such a strange and in many ways, courageous move. Two words--Donald Trump. Apparently, now that she has had a chance to study the GOP Presidential nominee very closely over the last year, she is not comfortable supporting him with her considerable talent. In my opinion, that took guts. Others may and probably will follow Ms. Bradshaw--out of love for their grand old Party. Trump has now made it the party of bigots and racists, without any apparent redeeming principles. As I have said, it is so hard to believe that it seems like it might have been orchestrated by the Democrats.

Only time will tell if such a respected leader like Sally Bradshaw taking such a courageous step that others will be compelled to follow. I predict they will. BTW, I am a registered Democrat and I have met Ms. Bradshaw.

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