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"I may have short-circuited..."

Secretary Clinton has said she knows she has both a credibility and honesty problem with the public. She has had that problem dating back to her days as First Lady in Arkansas and the White House. It widely said her problems with telling the truth carried over to her service in the U. S. Senate from New York. If she had veracity problems as Secretary of State, especially in Bengazi, it was probably overshadowed by the zillion hours of questioning by the frustrated and out-debated Republicans.

But last week she was asked point blank if FBI Director Comey mis-characterized his statement that she did not tell the truth about her private e-mails. She knew that Comey had established his position with firmness, clarity and repeatedly. She also knew he had an absolutely squeeky clean reputation in the Congress...and yes, she knew the truth.

Rather than come clean about a distortion or lie, she simply acknowledged, "short circuiting" {presumably the truth]. Code is lying.

It is no wonder that so many Americans are upset, mad, disillusioned, and downright sick with the future leadership in our Country. Most of us remember so well our parents telling us, "Just tell the truth. You can never get hurt doing that." Maybe these people feel that if the prize is above a certain size, that advice doesn't count.

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