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Why Did Trump Run for President? Was it because of a Saturday Night Live Joke?

I was recently asked why I think Donald Trump is running for President? The questioner pointed out the following:

  • . He had never run for office before.

  • . The closest he seemed to have gotten to politics was making campaign contributions.

  • . The questioner had never head Trump mention his signature issue before--immigration.

  • . His knowledge of government and issues are truly embarrassing.

  • . He has never been identified with either political party.

  • . He is not described as a person taken to noble causes.

  • . Veracity, imperative for success in politics, is clearly not a strength of his.

But, to his credit, he is street smart, brash, explosive, cunning, and very wealthy. His persona is of unquestionable interest to a publicity thirsty press. His over sized ego could be the answer. Most of us have heard the speculation that his financial interests in the media and Russia might be a motivation behind the decision.

So, what really drove him to such a monumental decision to run for President?

I think it might have been in response to a joke made at the Annual White House Correspondent's Dinner in 2010 by Saturday Night Live Host Seth Myers. He said, "I was surprised to hear that Donald Trump was thinking about running for President as a Republican. I thought he was running as a joke." The cameras immediately panned to Trump, who was in the audience, and there was no laughing at his table...not even a smile. My guess with his type A personality, Trump was furious. He simply does not seem like a person who can take a joke very well.

It reminds me of an expression heard during WWII, "Loose lips sink ships."

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