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A Call for Public Service

This weekend, we watched professional athletes demonstrate either allegiance or protest of the singing of our Star Spangled Banner. We stopped requiring military service for young men over 43 years ago. In-spite of the ubiquitous internet, most of young people know very little of and have very little interest in, our country history--recent or distant. Some would argue, this absence of linkage with our Country's noble past is why we have so much division in America. The growing absence of pride in our Country is obvious.

A number of frustrated Americans have suggested a return to limited mandatory public service for our citizens, perhaps along these lines:

1. At 18 and upon graduation from high school, all citizens would be entitled to a paid 2 year advanced education, contingent upon:

  • A 2 year commitment of full time service in the following public areas, among others:

- Social Services

- Environment

- Health Services

- Peacekeeping

- Ethnic Services

  • A one week refresher course in the public service for 5 consecutive years (similar to Reservists).

2. Public and private schools would be required to offer courses in high school civics.

Remember President Kennedy's admonition, "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country?"

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