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Head's Up America

All of us need to pay particular attention to politics in this country. I am not just talking about

the Presidential election--which could be the most important in our lives. As important as the election of a new President is, the balance of power in the Congress may be more important, long term.. As I have opined many times, the framers of our Government clairvoyantly built into our Constitution checks and balances among the three branches of government, for matters like we might have in this Country. Whomever wins the Presidency, we will need a vigilant and serious other two branches monitoring the Executive Branch--outgoing and incoming.

As the late night TV ad goes, "But wait, there's more...."

We need to watch carefully the ending term of President Obama (as with all Presidents) and actions of the lame duck Congress. Why?

  • . As pointed out in today's USA Today Newspaper, The President has appointed hundreds of new judges to the federal bench, some of them in the controversial 'swing states. The appointments were confirmed by the Republican Senate, but any judicial decisions between now and after the election results will need to watched very carefully.' Remember 2000 when multiple election disputes were addressed in the federal courts? Look for voting rights laws to the target during the election.

  • The President has the power to grant pardons for certain crimes, with most of the pardons seeming to come in the last hours of office. Critics would suggest that this is the most serious time for impropriety.

  • All Presidents have taken some action during their term without legislative approval. They argue that rule making is imperative to be an effective Chief Executive. Both the new President and the new Congress will likely scan carefully President Obama's final decisions, to look for repealing what they feel are inappropriate or invalid decisions. Careful consideration of all governance is imperative for a stable transition from the old government to the new.

Head's Up America.


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