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Red Meat for the Press

The press continues to speculate on how Republican Donald Trump is keeping the polls close in his campaign against Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton, for President. In a previous post I opined on the answer. Much of Trump's resilient support is because of Clinton's negatives.

But, the press continues to do a side by side comparison of the campaign funds on hand of the campaigns, and the number of paid campaign workers as traditional tests used in conventional campaigns. But I would argue in this race, neither criteria apply because:

1. Trump does not need paid advertising--a tweet from him, especially at the early hours in the morning, is red meat for the press.

2. Trump's campaign staff in the field would only take away from the electricity he generates at his raucous rally's--again, red meat for the press.

The only remaining unknown for the election is the 'get out the vote' effort. This is traditionally a Democratic strength with coordination among unions, African-Americans, the elderly, and other minorities. But the national Republican Party is running Trump's entire field operation, and they boast of a surprise on election day. A month to go....


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