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Swing Endorsements in the 6 Swing States

As of this writing, we are almost down to the wire of the 2016 Presidential Election. With some very few exceptions, it seems the election is going to come down to a half a dozen states--the so called "Super Swing States." I thought it might be interesting to opine on who might be able to most influence (in exchange for a resounding endorsement) the outcome for the clear favorite, Democrat Hillary Clinton. Here are the states and the key 'swing' endorsements:

Florida - Former Democratic Governor and Senator Bob Graham.

Ohio - Former Democratic Senator John Glenn.

North Carolina - Former UNC Basketball Great Michael Jordan.

Virginia - Former Republican Senator John Warner.

Pennsylvania - Former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell.

Colorado - Former Democratic Congresswoman Pat Schroeder.

These endorsements, if enthusiastic, in the 6 swing states will win the election for Clinton. Conversely, if she loses more than half of the swing states, with or without the endorsements, it will be a late night.

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