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A Real Star Wars

The George Lucas Series, Star Wars, has captured a huge feature film audience. Not to be outdone, President Barack Obama and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin have engaged in their own Star Wars fight. But, the difference is this one is real. Consider:

Putin, according to press accounts is behind the Wiki leaks of information about the 2016 United States Election, and the Democratic Party. Putin is credited with helping Republican Nominee Donald Trump in the interest of influencing the election outcome. Wall Street firms, internet and U. S. government data bases have all been hacked through Russian involvement with selective information released publicly.

Now, the Obama Administration has let the world know our country is in position to return the Cyber Attack to Putin. Vice President Joe Biden recently said we would release compromising information on Putin (at the time and in the manner of our choosing), his oligarchs, and his government, including embarrassing, maybe liable, personal financial information.

The only problem with this cyber fighting is that it could lead into a bigger conflict, among the two biggest nuclear powers on the planet. This will be among the first major international issues to face the new Administration in 2017.


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