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Held Over. 5 Wars.

I previously wrote in this column about our Longest Quagmire--The War in Syria. I cited both poor management by the Obama Administration and devious manipulation by Soviet Premier Putin as the primary reasons for failure to reach peace. The forced absorption of hundreds of thousands of fleeing Syrian Refugees continues to fuel fighting and protests around the world. There is no end in sight to this quagmire.

Now we have serious artillery attacks on our ships in international waters from Iran backed rebels in Yemen. This has been a hot spot for growing anti-American terrorists for years.. This is the same Iran that we are fighting to isolate from nuclear weapons.

The next major battle with ISIS will be in Mosul in Iraq. The next Administration will not doubt leave a force in country to avoid another flare up in this country, that two Presidents have erroneously declared finished.

Contrary to Administration reports, Afghanistan will require substantial U. S. Military support to stop the Taliban from re-gaining control, including aircraft and advisers.

Perhaps the most serious foreign concern is the Cyber Spying War between the U. S. and Russia. As described in a previous Commentary, this poking at one another by the world's two greatest nuclear powers could spiral out of control by itself or ignite the other four hot spots described above.

If there were ever a time for bi-partisanship, it is now.


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