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Putin's Plan

Much of the discussion about Donald Trump's 2016 Campaign for President has centered around his relationship to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. The speculation has been that the attraction to Putin for Trump was not political but rather the opportunity for making money and business. That may have been the case, but I believe Putin has had a plan beyond taking advantage of Trump's inexperience at high level international affairs, from day one; and continues to challenge America, until challenged. It is interesting to note that much of his plan was implemented in the heart of a major national election--not a good time for a war like response from a lame duck President.

1. After coming back into office in 2012, Putin was said to be personally involved in the murder of several dissidents in Russia.

2. With the new technology of the internet, KGB trained Putin directed electronic spying by Russia on the Olympics, foreign governments, suspected enemies and threats and most importantly American businesses, government, political parties and future candidates. He arranged a strategic distribution channel of this confidential information with Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks.

3. He abruptly sought to annex neighboring Crimea and began the bloody annexation of Ukraine, with the assumption that President Barack Obama did not have the appetite for a third war, at the start of a national election. Putin was right.

4. While Obama wrestled with his 'line in the sand' in Syria, Putin stepped in and forced his friend President Assad to remove the chemical weapons, without bullets being fired. Putin then followed with air attacks on ISIS, but primarily in support of Assad's dictatorial control in Syria. Putin's bold move was unchallenged by Obama, since the target was our enemy ISIS..

5. With the destruction of Alleppo in Syria, millions of homeless refugees began migrating into Europe and the Americas for safety. The waves of immigrants of all kinds--good, bad, sick and starving created new conflicts among the right and left in the accepting countries, and will continue to do so for decades. This violent angst in America was said to be laid at the feet of Donald Trump as his campaign theme against immigrants, by Putin. Putin guessed that the Republican Party would buckle under to Trump and not support any retaliation by the Democrats and Obama. He was right again.

6. Deadly fighting continues throughout the Region, with ISIS, in Iraq, with Iran, and now in Yemen. Intelligence reports have Putin's 'finger prints' over all the conflicts.

Putin was right about the US not wanting to jump into another conflict with Russia now, but we may have a whole different situation starting in 2017.

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