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What's Left.

The country's political landscape is finally at rest. The Trump supporters could not be more pleased, the Clinton supporters not so much. Apparently we again have a national election where the winner of the electoral college is the not the winner of the popular vote. Somehow that does not seem right. The pollsters are embarrassed for the second major election in a row. The 'elite' media are going to be skewered by the new Administration during 2017, to compound their declining audience. The future of newspapers is as bleak as the future of social media is unlimited. The problem is still auditing the communication and control of distribution by foreign parties, like Wiki Leaks.

Both major political parties are in shambles. I am told a large part of the Republican Party did not support their nominee. Speaker Ryan, described in this Commentary as the most powerful figure in American politics, now has a bulls eye on his chest from the far right of the GOP. Although the Democrats did not have as severe a split, there is no question that if their nominee had the support of the Senator Bernie Sander's (not even a Democrat) youthful supporters, she might have won the election. Again, as previously opined in this Commentary, a significant number of Americans simply will never vote for a Clinton. The extreme wings of both parties are tearing their center apart.

After hemorrhaging over election night, the markets seem to have bounced back to close in on a record year of growth. But, the concerns about our 5 wars (my previous Commentary), civil rights tensions, and a broken health care program leave the country feeling limp. The market and the country now have some degree of certainty. In a way, it is helpful that President Elect Trump never clearly articulated the specifics of an agenda for his Administration, so there may be hope for everyone. Certainly the leaders of both parties said the right things after the election about moving on and coming together as Americans. And, Premier Putin says he is going to try to work with the new Administration. I personally don't trust his word, but I am hopeful.

It is perhaps fitting that we now transition into a quieter and more reflective time of the year. Happy Veteran's Day..

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