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A Smart Move

In my earlier post to this Commentary, I pointed out (from experience) that there is typically a lot of 'head hunting' among the Presidential-Elect staff. By that term, I am referring to the urge to punish Democrats or Never Trump Republicans. The temptation is easy to understand, especially for those who have never had the experience of putting in place a new Administration. But, for the smart and more seasoned, it would be very wise for the President Elect to appoint some really qualified Democrats to key staff positions. This would not only place your opposition party at the table to ease tensions in the country, you would generate some very important contrarian viewpoints in your deliberations. Who might qualify? I like:

  • Florida Senator Bob Graham. Smart, experienced and expertise in intelligence, environment, and education.

  • Georgia Senator Sam Nunn. Also smart and experienced with particular knowledge of international and nuclear weapons issues.

  • Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton. Widely respected as a consensus builder, particularly on Domestic issues.

  • Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder. Although difficult to work with at times, a strong advocate for women's and family issues.

  • Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry. Also very bright, former candidate for President and a prior University President.

Of course, it is not known if any of these outstanding Americans would consider serving in a Trump Administration. There are many others. It is currently rumored that Trump is having trouble even getting qualified Republicans willing to serve him. But, we have to start coming together, and a move toward bi-partisanship is the best place to start. This would be a very smart move for the President-Elect.


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