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Devil's Advocate

As readers of this Commentary are aware, I was very disappointed with the two major candidates for President this year. I was probably more critical of Donald Trump, primarily because so many of his actions bordered on being over the top. I felt his behavior threatened the dignity of the office, especially in world affairs.

But Trump won, and as he has requested, Americans need to come together in support of him. So, in that vein, I would like to play Devil's Advocate and look at some of the possible positive aspects of the new Administration:

1. Trump has put the fear of God in all foreign countries, probably enabling him to achieve some negotiating success that President Obama could not achieve.

2. He has a clear insight into marketing. He saw the potential of engaging the populist middle class (normally a Democratic stronghold), which felt overlooked. He will probably see opportunities that others with bureaucratic government experience, would overlook.

3. Any President will draw criticism on his appointments to important positions, and Trump is certainly no exception. But some of his initial appointments seem to have potential, notably General James Mattis at Defense and United Nations Ambassador, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (although lacking international experience), among others. He has shown very few limitations of who might be considered for these critical appointments, which truly opens up the talent pool.

4. Trump enters office with probably the lowest ratings among the Washington insiders. That rating gives him tremendous room to grow into the office. For example, he will be able to reach across the aisle to the Democrats, and if they ignore him, his ratings will begin rising quickly. The country thirsts for bi-partisanship.

5. It is said that people who know and have known Donald Trump say he is actually a very pleasant and humorous personality. The public may not see that side of him very often, if ever. But, it means that he may get along with friends and foes much better than originally thought.

Mr. President-Elect good luck to you and God speed.

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