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A Bold Stroke for Unity

In an earlier post to this Commentary, I suggested President Elect Donald Trump consider appointing extraordinary Democrats to key positions in his Administration. It not only would tap talent largely overlooked by the GOP, but it would send a strong signal that he is going to be President for all the people, regardless of Party affiliation. It appears that he might do that, at least in part.

Now, here is a suggestion along the same lines, but perhaps more difficult to fathom. One of Trump's most criticized moments in the Campaign was when he confronted Ghazala Khan related to the death of her son, U. S. Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim. Ghazala and her lawyer husband Khizr have mourned the death of their son at war in Iraq in 2004. They are considered Gold Star Families for their great sacrifice.

A very bold and significant appointment would be Trump selecting Khizr Khan as a Special Envoy to the State Department for Iraq Affairs. Khan could be given a portfolio of advising the President and State Department on affairs and issues related to the Muslim Community serving America in war in the Middle East. Mr. Khan seemed to be very intelligent and knowledgeable when he spoke at the Democratic Convention.

This appointment would be applauded around the world and continue sending a message of inclusion and Unity here in America.


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