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Why No Floridians?

Have you ever noticed how during national political campaigns, the candidates and the media always talk about how important Florida is to the outcome. It is not just because Florida is now the 3rd largest state, but also because of its' growth, statisticians point to the demographic indicator it is for the rest of the country. We grow a lot of professional talent through our 11 public universities, private universities, and community colleges.

As President Elect Trump rounds out the important appointments to his Cabinet, I can't help but notice, at least at this writing, the absence of experienced public figures being selected from Florida. Although Trump's pick for Secretary of the Army owns the Florida Panthers Professional Hockey Team, he has not nor does live in Florida.

I guess you could say the Sunshine state is important at election time, but not for governing. As you will see below, the exclusion is not partisan. As a matter of fact, one of the most glaring failures of the Obama Administration was the passing over of Floridians for major Cabinet level appointments during his 2 terms (excluding DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz, who was not a Cabinet level appointment and a disappointment).

In fairness, memory may fail me, but here are some of the major Presidential Appointments hailing from Florida, over the years:

President Johnson: Transportation Secretary Alan Boyd

Civil Rights Adviser Leroy Collins

President Nixon: Supreme Court Justice G. Harold Carswell (withdrawn)

President Ford:

President Carter: Trade Negotiator Reuben Askew

Federal Reserve Governor Fred Schultz

President Reagan:

President Bush I: Drug Czar Bob Martinez

President Clinton: Attorney General Janet Reno

EPA Director Carole Browner

President Bush II: HUD Secretary Elvin Martinez

President Obama:

President Elect Trump:

Keep in mind, no less than Harvard University said we produced one of the five greatest Governors in history, and the prestigious Council of State Legislatures said we had the most Independent Legislature of any state in the country in the ;70's.

Maybe this is something we should all keep in mind at the next election.

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