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A Negative Assessment of President Trump

As readers of this Commentary are aware, during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, I like most Americans, was very dissatisfied with the 2 major candidates. In my last post, I shared a negative assessment of President Obama's two terms in office, along with an acknowledgement of his extraordinary talents. Here I would like to do the same for our new President.

For personal talents and attributes, I can find very few for Donald Trump, other than perhaps avarice. In our capitalistic society, that is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is hardly a leading quality for the President of our Country. Trump does not appear particularly smart, seems to have no intellectual curiosity, lacks attention span, and is unnecessarily bellicose, especially with people who disagree with him. He is the first President to not disclose his finances, lies more often than not, has no apparent sense of integrity on conflicts of interest, and has articulated no coherent and specific public policy on anything. I thought his appointments might ring hope, but was disappointed with the lack of hard, political experience, and again just basic curiosity about life.

As for positives, I have said before, his lack of a platform gives all of us some degree of hope, but it is not the way our forefathers envisioned the important election process for our President.. His unpredictability puts all friends and foes on a scary alert status--he could do anything, and maybe that is a good thing dealing with our enemies. I disagree with Secretary Clinton in that I am not impressed with his family, with the exception of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Lastly, although I distrust the Russians and President Putin, the fact that some kind of positive communication between our two countries might be a result is a good thing.

This will not be a four years for the faint of heart. As I have said before, I will support the President where ever and when ever I can. Buckle up America, it could be a wild ride.

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