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Vicarious Relief

I believe many clear thinking Americans are beginning to understand how and why Donald Trump won the Presidential Election. They had a hard time digesting Trump's many flaws, some of which I have outlined in previous Commentary. Other than a fascination with a

one of a kind candidate, the difference in the election was the 'Never Hillary' voters. I truly believe for that 5-10% of the voters, they would vote for a 2X4 before voting for Clinton. I really mean it. You add the juicy insulting threats from Trump to jail her and the election was really over. Then came term limits and it was really over. It was wide anger, but incredibly deep.

I understand that Secretary Clinton served our Country in many capacities and was generally well regarded. But not by the 5-10%. The disdain for Clinton stemmed from, among others::

1. Her switch from a Goldwater Republican to a liberal Democrat.

2. Insistence on using her maiden name, Rodham, when she became First Lady in Arkansas.

3. Her early professional mistakes, some of which were serious--her law practice at the Rose Law Firm, Travel Gate, Whitewater, Single Payer Health Care, belittling Tammy Wynette, attacking her husband's mistresses over 12 years, blowing off her husband's impeachment, and pretending to be pro gun in her race against President Obama.

4. Her vote on attacking Iraq, and them back peddling almost immediately.

4. Her smug response to the use of unauthorized emails and the Benghazi attack.

In a word, she was and is truly despised by a large number of Americans. The other Republican candidates described her faults, but they did not stick like Trump's coarse rhetoric. You might say it was Vicarious Relief for the Never Clinton voters.

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