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One Mistake, Many Disastrous Consequences

In previous posts, I discussed the serious problems we have had with the War in Syria. As with all wars, it has been very deadly, often affecting innocent citizens in Syria. Reportedly, Syrian President Assad had previously even resorted to gassing his own people in the war. It appeared the United States was going to stand up to Assad under President Obama, saying the United States was drawing a 'red line' in the sand if chemical weapons were planned to be used by Assad again on innocent citizens in the War. Assad denied there were chemical weapons in his war arsenal.

Assad's supporter Russian President Putin stepped into the standoff, saying that he would make Assad remove the chemical weapons, and would help America and Assad fight the expansion of ISIS in Syria. It was 2012 then, the Presidential election year, and Obama saw the opportunity to have Russia force Assad to remove the chemical weapons, without firing a shot. Obama did not know how he could object to Putin helping in the fight against ISIS. That turned out to be a monumental mistake by President Obama.

Consider the disastrous consequences of the decision, including American troops fighting alongside Russia and Syria against ISIS.

1. The United States was forced to stand by idly while Russia and Syria bombed freedom fighters and innocent citizens trying to overthrow Assad, particularly in Aleppo. President Obama said it was among his worst experiences as President.

2. Because we were fighting alongside Russia in Syria against ISIS, we decided to not interfere with Russia's unilateral annexation of Crimea and brutal attack on Ukraine, over local citizen objections. The brutal attacks by Russia were criticized by America, but without action taken, other than sanctions. This weak response and the "red line" in Syria have often been given as the reason our Generals were so disappointed with President Obama as our Commander in Chief.

3. Throughout the war, thousands of Syrian refugees have fled for freedom and safety all over Europe. The exodus from Syria has been so massive that countries like Germany, England, and Sweden could not absorb the needy and desperate refugees. Participating European countries are fighting back against the immigration, creating a defiant sense of nationalism, much like America. Elections are being affected and tensions are rising among the European Union and NATO member nations.

4. Budgets within participating countries are beginning to reflect the extraordinary new social and medical services required for the thousands of new and unexpected refugees. Tax paying citizens are objecting to the new costs with growing protests.

5. ISIS saw the massive refugee problem as an opportunity to seize on citizen discontent over what they described as liberal, pro-American policies. Terrorist attacks by ISIS have greatly accelerated throughout the World.

6. In America in 2016, a political long shot, Donald Trump won a surprise election as President with immigration and wall building, blocking new citizens, as his signature issues. Russia saw this as another opportunity to embarrass Obama by interceding in the election through cyber warfare and sponsoring continuous Wiki Leaks information on Secretary Clinton. Trump denied Putin's help, although his staff had apparently met with the Russians. It is rumored that, unchecked, Putin is expected to continue this international interference.

7. The immigration crisis in America became the basis of President Trump issuing an Executive Order to close down the border to 7 Muslim majority countries, tearing our country apart at the fiber. Yesterday's court ruling of a stay on the Order, means the fight will continue until the Supreme Court.

One mistake, many, many disastrous and continuing consequences.


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