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"Who Ya Gonna Call?"

I am pretty sure your response to this headline is going to be, "Ghostbusters!" Me too.

But today, with the almost daily verbal clashes between President Trump and World leaders, it is an often asked question. Take the recent blow up between Trump and long time US ally Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The American stepping in to help smooth things over, without invitation, was none other than American military hero, Senator John McCain (R., AZ). Most of us remember Trump belittling McCain in the campaign because McCain became a prisoner of war. Trump, who elected not to serve his country during war, said he preferred our military not get captured in the first place. When asked why he did not serve (since service was mandatory then), Trump said he had a "foot thing," although he could say which foot.

McCain, a decorated veteran of war and a senior member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, put aside his relationship with Trump to call his good friend, Australian Ambassador Joe Hockey to smooth over Trump's tirade. What is your guess if Trump called to thank the Senator for his efforts?

The point is, who is going to serve the McCain role, mopping up these incidents after this President? In addition to Australia, we now have strained relations with long time friends in China, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, and really all of NATO. Trump enjoyed entertaining Japanese Prime Minister Abe, but made no progress on his goal of selling American cars in Japan. The only country in which Trump has really improved relations is Russia, our most dangerous enemy, and under US sanctions. Since Trump will not disclose his financial records, the oft stated rumor of Trump's business relationships in Russia continue to be unproven...

One would normally assume the Vice President would serve as the peace keeper, but in Vice President Pence, Trump selected a former Governor (and briefly a member of Congress), with apparently few international ties. Trump obviously does not consider Pence a part of his inner circle since he did not share the Flynn information with the Vice President for almost 2 weeks. Trump's Secretary of State has never served in government, and his most important adviser Steven Bannon is said to harbor hate with many of our international friends..

As hard as it is to imagine, maybe the most important international peace maker for the United States going forward might just be Trump's predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

My guess is that President Obama would help, if asked.

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