The Honorable Alternative

After I was elected to the Florida Senate in 1978, the presiding officer in that body was one of it's most respected members, Senator Phil Lewis (D., West Palm Beach). Deep in his Catholic faith, the Senator was known for his kindness and consideration of the needs of members on both sides of the aisle. I often remind readers of his extraordinary request that funding for a school in his name in his Palm Beach County District, be removed since it had not gone through the pain staking amendatory process like everyone else's bills. The Senator was known for his honor and integrity.

After listening to President Trump's first address to the Congress Tuesday night, I propose my fellow Democrats practice the honor of Senator Lewis for President Trump:

Mr. President, you asked the Democrats to put America first for the good of our country and close ranks behind you. I believe you feel that would be honorable.

You will recall in your year and a half campaign, impugning the Democrats in general and personally criticizing President Obama on the Affordable Care Act ("ACA"), among others. You will recall your Party refused to even grant a courtesy hearing to his nominee to the Supreme Court, as provided by our Constitution. I don't think you feel that the Republicans closed ranks behind President Obama during his eight year term. I really don't think you feel that the Republicans put American First then either, at least not in their relationship with President Obama. Their relentless obstruction for those 8 years was not very honorable, in my opinion. They could have helped the President on some issues that were important to America.

But, you said, America should come first now, forgetting the past, Mr. President. I know you feel that would be the honorable thing to do. OK, I propose the Democrats give you what you request for the good of our country. The Democrats should come forward and give your Supreme Court nominee quick and fair consideration. And even though no Republican ever supported or even agreed to work with President Obama on the ACA, let us come to the table and try to help you work out this difficult legislation. For the good of our country. That would be the honorable thing to do.

I only request of you and your party to simply allow an independent party be given full authority to research what happened with Russia and our country's election. As you said, America should come first...not Russia Mr. President. For the good of our country.

Just like with Senator Lewis, the honorable alternative.

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