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Bogus Rabbit Trails

In a recent post, I proposed that the Democrats look past the personal attacks made of them by then Candidate Trump. Critics say everyone attacks one another, personally and otherwise. But for the record, I am suggesting the Democrats lead by example for the Republicans and move on.

I also offered to look past the obstruction by the Republicans of President Obama's Affordable Care Act ("ACA") agenda for 8 years. Again critics say both sides obstruct, but I remember President Obama saying repeatedly that he would consider any serious Republican ACA proposal, which such an offer I have never heard from President Trump of the Democrats.

Trump in a joint address to the Congress asked for support of the Democrats of the Republican House ACA proposal as submitted; and in confirmation of his personnel appointments. He said he, apparently unlike President Obama, was entitled to that support by all good Americans. Although it is not easy to accept much of what Trump says, I agreed, with one simple request. The President should support a totally independent review of the rumored Russian connection in our 2016 election. Trump had said America first, and I simply reminded him that really mean America, not Russia first.

The President ignored the request and shifted to a bogus charge--that President Obama had wire tapped his New York office. You will recall Trump's previous bogus charge of voting irregularities. Trump obviously introduced this new charge to divert the public attention from the Russia election crises, to yet a new rabbit trail. These go along with the denial about groping women, more knowledge than the generals, only allowing Christians into America, two China policy, not talking to Putin for 10 years, and Mexico will pay for the wall...all guaranteed.

Mr. President, it is going to hard to govern effectively when you are becoming known for creating Bogus Rabbit Trails.

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