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Which is it Governor?

Governor Rick Scott is consistent. He has always advocated for generating jobs--of any kind and under any circumstances. Many of us have encouraged him to shift his passion more to high value jobs, which require an improving public education system. He apparently disagrees since he has supported cutting funding for public schools by diverting those few public dollars to private schools. That has hurt his effort to generate high value jobs, but he does not seem to understand that or perhaps disagrees with that point. Improving public education generates more and better jobs, Governor..

A second self imposed threat to the Governor generating jobs is his seeming insatiable thirst for campaign contributions. He enthusiastically supports multiple polluters around Lake Okeechobee which creates the oozing green slime around the lower half of the state. He apparently does not realize that the green slime makes his favorite industry of tourism vomit. A major part of our economy is tied to sports and commercial fishing and nature lovers. The industry has calculated the number of jobs generated for the Governor, but again either he does not believe it or understand it, because he does nothing while the slime his financial contributors generate kills those very jobs. Making the polluters clean up their slime generates more and better jobs, Governor.

Supporting public education and the environment means more and better jobs, Governor.

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