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Ivanka's Challenge

" I could lie and they still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific."

Donald Trump, People Magazine, 1998

Recently, Ivanka Trump was invited to address a international women's conference in Germany, where she pleaded with the audience to believe that her father has a high regard and respect for women. His poll numbers among women continue to tank. The audience was skeptical as a result of Trump's well documented record on his public treatment of women:

  • Referring to women as fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting.

  • His laughing admission on TV to Interviewer

  • that he did not have respect for women.

  • Bragging about deliberately walking in on naked women contestants in his Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, much like a troubled teenager.

  • In the famous video, bragging about his success in grabbing women by the p___y.

  • Is the defendant in dozens of law suits for allegedly groping of women.

  • He embarrassingly abstains from using proper manners for women he escorts, including his wife.

Ivanka elected to not address these failures to respect women, and implies that he has changed with a new found respect for women. But Ivanka overlooked that in the 100 days since his election, the following:

  • Almost the very day of Ivanka's address, Trump was recorded on television singling out with sarcastic comments the only women in an otherwise all male meeting, Ambassador Nikki Hailey. It was a strange action by a person trying to showcase his new respect for women.

  • Since his election, Trump has reinstated the Global Gag Rule, which denies information to the public on family planning.

  • Although not a federal issue, Trump insisted on commenting on state directives about Planned Parenthood (which he has supported in the past), considered an important support network for many women.

  • On the very month he declared National Sexual Assault Awareness Prevention, Trump singularly defended TV anchor Bill O'Reilly on multiple charges of alleged sex abuse, just prior to O'Reilly getting fired by FOX news, for...alleged sex abuse. Really.

  • Ivanka said Trump's record of hiring women is exemplary, but she did not not disclose how many of those hires were for for room and janitorial services in his hotels and offices.

Ivanka, I know you contend the President is not getting a fair evaluation. But your continuing blow off of this overwhelming evidence makes you look either badly uninformed or naive. Giving you the benefit of doubt, I have a suggestion if you are going to insist the President now respects women--have a third party audit his actions, like you do in your business, when disputes arise. Invite a pro-women's organization of your choice (with public credibility) to audit your father's record in dealing with professional women, with an emphasis on his public Administration. You may think this suggestion is drastic, but I do not believe you are convincing Americans of his new respect for women. If anything you are making yourself look foolish. If he has changed as you suggest, this audit should bear out your position very clearly. If not, your work to be done will be also be clear.

Thank you.

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