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Who Done It?

Most of us have enjoyed Agatha Christie mysteries, typically raising the question, "Who Done It?" With all the confusion and apparently lies, I often find myself asking the same question about President Donald Trump, his campaign, his administration and the Russians. Who committed these possible Acts of Treason against our country?

  • Who may have committed a potential Act of Treason against our country by trying to circumvent legal sanctions enacted by our Congress? General Michael Flynn, trained by the Army to obey orders is directly implicated, or Donald Trump who told him to do it (and who said in a recorded interview that he didn't order it, but that is what Flynn should have done)?

  • Who may have committed a potential Act of Treason by attempting to work with the Russians to set up back channel communication directly with Putin, circumventing U. S. Intelligence Forces? Jared Kushner, a 36 year old relative of Trump with no military or public service experience is implicated, or Donald Trump, who told him to do it?

In both cases, at this point, both Flynn and Kushner are the focus of the investigations. But insiders in Washington report that given Trump's aggressive behavior and 'take no hostages' attitude, they feel that Trump more than anyone else, probably directed these actions. If that is proven, this whole scenario moves into a history setting stage. But, as we all know, innocence is assumed unless proven otherwise.

Who do you think did it?

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