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Devil's Advocate

As regular readers of this Commentary know, I have been very critical of Donald Trump's presidency. I do not think he has the personal qualities to lead our country and the free world, nor do I think his judgment is based on sound reasoning and most important, the truth. With that said, I am now becoming increasingly concerned about how the FBI is carrying out the investigation of his potential obstruction of justice.

From his long and distinguished career in law enforcement and the judiciary, I have always been impressed by the work of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His work with both Republican and Democratic Administrations has been hailed as textbook and his reputation for being a 'straight shooter' is universal. I believe his appointment was solid and I think his focus on potential Obstruction is appropriate because as I have said, after the Collusion investigation was well under way, it was Donald Trump who bragged to NBC Anchor Lester Holt about firing Comey for 'that Russian thing.' I have said that sure looked like Obstruction to me.

But, I now read that Special Counsel Mueller is staffing his investigation with potentially partisan lawyers. One, Andrew Weissmann, who was in charge of the Arthur Anderson probe at Justice, and for that work was criticized by the New York Observer newspaper. At that time, the paper was owned and run by Jared Kushner, who is now also under investigation in the FBI probe. One can argue if Mr. Weissmann will be impartial while investigating Kushner, but it doesn't pass the smell test for me, no matter how decent the lawyer is.

This is a historic investigation and the very essence of our freedom is at stake. Everyday brings another frightening and bizarre announcement that scares all Americans. Surely Mr. Mueller can go out of his way to find near pristine lawyers and staff to help conduct a fair and honest investigation. It is important members of Congress from both sides of the aisle acknowledge a through and fair investigation by the Mueller Team.

After all, his integrity is the reason for Mr. Mueller's appointment.


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