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Discounting POTUS

I recently saw a TV interview of a respected Republican Governor about his reaction to something President Trump tweeted. He said he no longer takes anything the President says seriously. He is not the only person saying that. I saw even Trump's apparent preferred world leader, Russian President Putin say he does think Trump's word is good on commitments. All but two of the signers to the Paris Climate Accord wrote the US off long ago. Respected former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leading a rejection of Trump's position on the Climate Accord among major cities, and it is being widely accepted. Pitifully, Trump's Commission on the widely believed myth of voter irregularity is also being ignored for critical data by many of the states. This is a Presidential Commission folks.

Why is the leader of the world's greatest country getting so universally blown off by leaders at every level of government?

  • The President lies. Not a little. Other than in prepared statements that his lawyers approve and that are seldom released, he lies all the time. Nothing he says is universally accepted--probably never before seen in a U.S. President.

  • Although not dumb by any means, he has very little intellectual policy curiosity. In other words, it is now apparent that he knows almost nothing about his job and doesn't care that he doesn't . The world now knows that.

  • He is very lazy and refuses to intellectually probe issues. Since his rhetoric is juvenile, most assume that he is just stupid. I don't think he is stupid, just intellectually lazy. It was said by Republican Senators that his understanding of the health care issue was embarrassing, because apparently he did not study it enough.

  • He is only confident in himself; and somewhat trusts his family. He trusts and respects no others including his own staff. Rather than coordinate an Administration policy, Trump often reacts by himself, making his staff look uninformed and foolish. This was most evident recently in contradictory US positions on Qatar.

  • Trump cannot tolerate criticism of any kind, including constructive, suggesting a massive inferiority complex. When the criticism is delivered by women, he becomes unglued. I found it chilling, as a Veteran with service in Korea, to watch Trump demand loyalty of his Cabinet, not to the Constitution, but only to Trump himself, with orchestrated praise. He unfortunately followed into office after a polished and inquisitive orator, Barack Obama, which incenses Trump.

  • His embarrassing and childish Tweets, of which his recent CNN wrestling Tweet is so juvenile that I am not going to comment on it further.

It is sad to watch this in America as we celebrate our freedom. With little courage to confront the Presidents, Republicans in Washington seem content to watch the country fall to its' knees. Many of us pray for a Profile in Courage to emerge.

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