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The Two Most Dangerous Times

In a post to my Commentary on November 23, 2016, titled, "A Time For Vigilance," I talked about how dangerous it was after electing a new President, but before the outgoing one leaves office. I cited examples of how the press and public are swamped by the interest in the new Administration, and are not paying close attention to the incumbent White House. There are few exceptions to this serious threat, with President Clinton probably being the worst doing bad things with the infamous Marc Rich pardon.

Now let me add (again for my loyal readers), another great danger with a new Administration taking office, especially if it is from an unexpected election and with a President-Elect who has never served in public office. The problem starts even before the Inauguration. The winners have testosterone off the charts, and typically have vengeance and 'scores to settle' with those on the other side. If the President-Elect compounds his problem, before even starting the staffing phase, non-experienced campaign staff will be hired first. That almost always is the case, and is somewhat expected really. But it is usually the start of real trouble. The empire building and division carving already started in the campaign, so now it is really in high gear.

Generally the divisions are along the splits of original supporters, final day supporters, switchers, experienced, inexperienced, lobbyists, fund raisers, contrarians, former office holders, family, business associates, and zillions with their self business agendas. There are usually a few obvious crooks hanging around too. All of those are generally disasters waiting to happen.

If you think this is exaggeration, just look at the Trump Administration and his number one appointment for our country's national security, former General Mike Flynn. He was very loyal to Trump, an earlier on supporter, was a good attack dog in the campaign, had a financial self interest (Russia and Turkey) in a high level appointment, looked like he had some scores he wanted to settle with old Obama and Clinton people, and was not easy to control as a former General. Double disaster waiting to happen.

And what happened? Under what they felt were extreme time pressures and zero vetting experience, the Trump team apparently waived his clearance through. Emboldened, Flynn went right on servicing his Russian and Turkey (others also, maybe) clients without disclosing his income arrangements to his new boss. Now, only time tell how ugly the Flynn affair will get and how many people will be taken down.

It is not just Donald Trump. I have long advocated some kind of a third party mechanism to guard the public interests and our security during these 2 most dangerous times in America, occurring every four years. Maybe it is time now to address this threat to our country.

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