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Worst Case for Trump

With so much information coming from so many investigations of our President, most of us are inclined to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. After all, Trump is lawyering up like never before seen, even in Washington. And, the Constitution does grant our Commander in Chief, very broad powers and rights to insure separation among the three, equal branches of government. But, what if we looked at his current situation as a worst case scenario for Trump, if true:

1. Treason: After President Obama ordered increased sanctions against Russia, former General Flynn, allegedly acting on the direct orders of Trump, circumvented U. S. policy and told the Russians, if they helped Trump win the election, the Trump Administration would reverse the Obama sanctions. Also, on multiple occasions, Donald Trump gave Top Secret information to foreign countries, sometimes in public. Lastly, without consulting Congress, Trump cancelled CIA combat orders in Syria, favoring Russian policy.

2. Obstructed Justice: Trump fired Attorney General Comey, who was personally supervising an investigation of Russian interference with a U. S. election (which Comey said could include the President) and Trump bragged to the Russians that the firing eliminated 'the Russian' problem. On Thursday, Trump told the New York Times he is considering firing Special Counsel Mueller, if Mueller "crosses the red line," as opposed to the Special Counsel going where the facts take him, which is the law.

3. Campaign Collusion with a Foreign Government: Donald Trump, Jr. and several high ranking Trump Campaign officials, allegedly with Donald Trump's approval, met with Russians promising to share confidential information on Hillary Clinton to aid the Trump Campaign. The Russians are well known to want the U. S. (under a new Administration) to repeal the Magnitsky Act, which affects Putin's personal finances.

4. Violation of U. S. Constitution: Trump appears to have knowingly violated the Emoluments Clause of the U. S. Constitution by accepting monies and gifts from foreign governments while serving as a sitting President, at the expense of other private business competitors.

Although it is clearly a conflict of interest, the range of violations of U.S. law is unclear by Donald Trump having and continuing to do business with Russia, Russians, and Russian referrals has not been established. Trump's refusal to release his tax returns only amply the problem for him. Special Counsel Mueller is reportedly drilling deep into Trump finances which has caused the President to begin tweeting today about his power to pardon.

As of now, to this writer, this is the worst case scenario for President Trump. It is unclear how many members of his family and campaign organization could be caught up in these potential crimes.


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