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Trump's Dink and Dunks

As some of the readers of this Commentary are aware, I was honored last year by being inducted into my High School Athletic Hall of Fame for football. I was an unqualified over achiever. But I do enjoy football, especially at the college level. As we football fans are aware, a Quarterback often uses a tactic of throwing short, high percentage completion passes. There are usually used when opponents play the receivers for deep throws. These passes are often referred to " Dink and Dunks."

As I heard our President recently declare that he really thought he was the greatest President since Lincoln, in just 6 months of office, I thought his actions as Dink and Dunks. With that comparison to Lincoln , I really do hope he leaves his brain for science like the pro football players with concussion symptoms.

Yes, it is true President Trump signed a number of Executive Orders ("EO's") which is common for new Presidents since they have no legislation moving when they are sworn in. I thought most of the EO's were not consequential, like asking Department's to prepare work plans, which he could do in an email or a phone call. An exception would be his Immigration Order. But, as we all know the Immigration Order was ruled by multiple courts to be unconstitutional and is now being appealed by Trump to the Supreme Court.

Now to be fair, the President did get his Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch approved by a close Senate vote. Most lawyers credit the candidate, and not the appointment. But it was a win for Trump.

So, after 6 months, with the exception of the Russian Sanctions, Trump does not have a single major legislative accomplishment. It is said, he has the worst record of passing major legislation of any President, ever. Consider Trump's multiple tries on Health Care, Tax Reform, Infrastructure, 2 Wars, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and the Budget extension--nothing. Not even a Wall.

I mentioned Russia and the Sanctions legislation. I cannot remember when a President signed a bill (with no ceremony) and then blasted his Republican Majority Congress for passing it, because they made it veto proof. Even the Russians belittled our President saying by letting his Congress play him on the bill, he was weak. I know that cut Trump deep.

A recent analysis of Trump's Administration demonstrate that his Cabinet and senior staff have begun ignoring his childish rants, lies, and tweets, and carrying out their responsibilities based on previous American policies. Trump has already waved responsibility to govern our military to the Generals, which is ironic because do you remember in the campaign, he said he knew more than the Generals? It sure is hard for our friends, foes, and all of us to figure out our country's positions on public affairs. That is what happens when you govern with Dink and Dunks.


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