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Our White House is Not a Dump

President Trump recently remarked in front of multiple confirming sources that the White House was a "Dump." He, of course, denied it. He lies and we know it. He said the same thing about historic Camp David, the location of many critical world negotiations by our Presidents. Maybe some readers of this Commentary feel I should stay focused on major issues. I am not sure. This post may be more telling about the man.

A major part of the Trump base are proud Americans that demand respect for the greatest country in the World. They are right. They stand in long, hot lines to tour our great landmarks in Washington, D.C. When the Trump White House recently suspended tours, high school kids all over the country were heart broken. I know, because my Grand Daughter, her Mom and my Wife were among them. For most Americans, just to be able to walk through the White House is the honor of a lifetime. They don't consider their White House a Dump.

Mr. President, it may surprise you, but we get it that you are rich. We know you like to flaunt it, even though most of us resent your greed and garish behavior. As a draft dodger, you may not appreciate both the history and sacrifice behind our country's first residence, but we do. I am approximately your age, and personally served with pride.

I realize you are redecorating what you call the Dump, which will force you to stay temporarily in a residence that you feel is 'more in keeping--your golf course resort in New Jersey. But, for most of us in America, we are fine if you want to leave the White House as your residence to afford you more time for golf in your gated private communities.

Gated communities have walls and walls separate Americans, which you seem to favor.

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