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U.S. Senate Race--Off Shore Oil Drilling.

Unfortunately, most of us have become downright belligerent about political veracity from candidates and incumbents. President Trump deserves most of the credit for this sad commentary, but it is not a new problem.

So, as Florida starts the very important race for the U. S. Senate, most observers are demanding the candidate's state their positions clearly and in writing. Although it is early, my guess is one of the most important issues--maybe THE most important, is whether the candidate will support oil drilling off the shore of Florida. The Trump Administration has already issued Executive Orders to do so and filled the key positions in Energy and Interior will committed pro oil appointments. Florida's Junior Senator Marco Rubio supported off shore oil drilling as a presidential candidate, but came back to Florida as a candidate and opposed it. So, who knows with him?

But in the case of the Senior Senator Bill Nelson, all of his 45 year political career in Florida has found him solidly opposing oil drilling off the coast. Nelson's likely opponent, Governor Rick Scott has always taken the safe vague position--he supports aggressive oil exploration, but off Florida's shores, only if safe. He refuses to define what constitutes safe, perhaps deliberately. That may be code for "During the campaign, No; but after elected, probably Yes." Scott, like his close friend the President, has lied before.

So, here is your chance to nail down the candidate's position--in writing or in person, or best of all, both. You can write the candidate directly; in your local newspaper letters column; and/or attend one of his rally events and ask the question, insisting on a specific answer. If conditions are made on the answer, try to get the candidate to define them as clearly and measurable as possible. If the contact with the candidate is in person, make sure and use your cell phone to video tape the answer. Most of us know how to distribute that video on social media through U Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other platforms. You remember the impact of the 2012 video of Governor Romney talking to fundraisers about poor voters.

After the BP oil explosion off the shores of the Florida panhandle, I think it is surprising that the issue will even come up again, but I am told it will. Senator Nelson points out that introducing clusters of oil rigs off Florida's shoreline is vehemently opposed by the U.. S. military bases in Florida affecting their flight training exercises in the Gulf and Atlantic.

This is our chance to meet our role and responsibility as informed voters. Let's insist on the truth this time.

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