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Afghanistan May Be Trump's Vietnam

"Do not allow our very stupid leaders to sign a deal that keeps us in Afghanistan through 2024--with all costs by U.S."

Donald Trump, 21 Nov 2013

It has been well documented that Donald Trump did not want to serve his country in Vietnam, even though he was trained to do so at a military school. He is reported to have boasted something like, 'My Vietnam is chasing girls.' His parents paid big bucks to get medical evaluations to say that he had bad feet, but he today cannot remember which one or if both were bad. Oh, and for the record, he prefers our prisoners escape rather than be captured, as a dig at patriot Senator John McCain, who valiantly served in Vietnam in Trump's place.

With his new announcement of a strategy for winning the 16 year old war in Afghanistan, Trump has reversed his previous position on the meandering fight, as documented above. Some have observed Trump has reversed a large number of his positions since becoming President. Interesting. The war has passed all others in American history for length, but the closest parallel is probably Vietnam. Yes, the same war in which Trump worked so hard to avoid serving.

It is an irony that Trump's newly owned Afghanistan War may very well become his opportunity to serve American in a futile and unending war similar to Vietnam, that he worked so hard to avoid.

Everything that goes around, comes around.

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