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Clinton Reality*

* Repost

Secretary Clinton could never had won this election because of her negative reputation (fair or not). Her support was fragile and razor thin, ready to drop on almost any negative news. The shoe dropped, not with Comey, but the constant drum beat of attacks on her campaign and her 30,000 emails from the Russian mined data distributed by Wiki Leaks. Equipped with the data, Trump hammered Clinton like a prize fighter.

In watching some of the information from Secretary Clinton's new book about why she lost her election, I am compelled to respond. I originally responded to her loss in this Commentary on January 22, 2017, which is available on this platform. But, hearing her current analysis, I would like to offer this updated opinion, with the results of each development on Clinton's Campaign in bold.

Clinton Family History:

  • Although her husband was elected President twice, he did not have a majority vote in the first election, and was Impeached after the second election. He also turned against his Democratic base to support Speaker Gingrich's Welfare Reform, which was the backbone of Clinton's economic success. These mixed results are perhaps why President Clinton is ranked in the bottom 2/3's of our Presidents. LITTLE HELP FOR MRS. CLINTON

  • Mrs. Clinton had the unfortunate inheritance of none of her husband's successes like the economy (mentioned above), the conflict in Bosnia, and the Camp David Peace Accords.. But she did inherit his glaring failure of adulterous activity over 12 years as Governor of Arkansas, with dozens of women by her reaction. When the evidence was proven after all those years, Mrs. Clinton said she knew nothing about it, but was darn mad about it. The Lewinsky affair is well known, and Mrs. Clinton said she was shocked. MRS. CLINTON'S PHONY ANSWER.

  • In truth, Mrs. Clinton had a disasterious experiences as Arkansas and America's First Lady. From insisting on using her madain name in conservative Arkansas, "Rodham" instead of "Clinton," (later changed back); to Travelgate, to the mysterious Vince Foster death, to Whitewater, to belittling Singer Tammy Wynette for her support of her man; and to the failure of her high profile Health Care Reform effort, Mrs. Clinton had failures, not success. MRS. CLINTON FAILURE

Hillary Clinton History:

  • Although it was apparent that Senator Clinton was smart, the truth is she was a very ineffective law maker. Part of the reason is because only senior Senators are given recognition, regardless of work or results. SENATE NO HELP TO MRS. CLINTON

  • Her most important vote, by her own admission, was a failure--the vote to go to war in Iraq without evidence of weapons of mass destruction. SENATE VOTE FAILURE FOR MRS. CLINTON

  • In her election loss against President Barack Obama in 2008, she blew a massive lead by, among other screw ups, pretending to be something she wasn't, including pro-gun. President Obama turned it around on her, saying she was acting like "Annie Oakly." MRS. CLINTON PHONY ANSWER

  • Although Secretary of State Clinton was said to be hard working, her apparent negligence in the Benghazi attack lost lives and was vehemently held against her throughout her campaign for President in 2016. She said she was not at fault at all. MRS. CLINTON QUESTIONABLE ANSWER

  • In 2015, it was reported that Secretary Clinton had used her personal email account for government business. She at first said she was just not a computer expert. Then she said there were only unclassified emails involved, so it was just a convenience mistake. FBI Director Comey reported that there were classified documents involved. Clinton said it was her fault and she was sorry. Most Americans felt she was repeatedly lying and Trump hammered away on her, with assistance from the Russians and Wiki Leaks data on the issue. MRS. CLINTON PHONY ANSWER

Hillary Clinton's Explantion of Loss:

  • Mrs. Clinton said she made mistakes in the campaign. She said the emails issue, having no signature issue, not returning fire to Trump's attacks, lacking passion, ignoring Senator Bernie Sanders, belittling Trump supporters as "deplorable," and failing to visit a number of Blue states at the end were her responsibility for losing. MRS. CLINTON'S ADMISSION

  • She said that Comey's reintroduction of the email issue was really in the end why she lost. Comey pointed out he received more of her emails right before the election, and knew he would be liable if he did not disclose the public information. He said he needed time to review them. The source of the new information was probably Russia releasing more secret data through Wiki Leaks. This is what caused the incident, not Comey. MRS. CLINTON'S QUESTIONABLE CLAIM AGAINST COMEY

McKnight Opinion of Clinton Loss:

1.) Although President Obama and the Democrats tried to say that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate to ever run for President, the evidence above shows that her experience (and that of her husband) was of marginal benefit at best, and damaging at worst. The pattern of apparent lying or distorting the truth by both Clintons was and still is the reason for their negative reputation.. Mrs. Clinton blew off this criticism of her integrity as banter from the conservative right. Even the votes Mrs. Clinton got, which admittedly were more in total than President Trump, were weakly cast for her in light of her perceived dishonesty by a large number of American people. MRS. CLINTON'S SUPPORT WAS THIN, NOT DEEP, DUE TO INTEGRITY REPUTATION

2.) Trump is a very adept street fighter, who ignored traditional political customs and attacked her as if in a school fight. Mrs. Clinton said she opted to respond by silence, to appear above the attacks. That proved to be a serious mistake. I would estimate that 1/3 of Trump's votes were because of his personal attacks on Mrs. Clinton and his "not political" rhetoric about her. MRS. CLINTON MADE A TACTICAL MISTAKE

3.) The big surprise of the election was the constant flow of damaging campaign information about the Clinton Campaign and her 30,000 lost emails, that mysteriously found itself in Donald Trump's hands. Almost daily, Trump would hold up the secret information from WikiLeaks and start into a very carefully planned attack supported by his raucous supporters. It has now been confirmed that the information was obtained through cyber stealing of data by the Russians. Mrs. Clinton had no answer for these hard hitting attacks. CONSTANT FLOW OF EMBARRASSING DATA FROM RUSSIANS/WIKI LEAKS COULD NOT BE OVERCOME BY MRS. CLINTON

So, this writer believes Mrs. Clinton could never have won win this election because of her and her husband's negative reputation, whether it was fair or not. A large number of her votes were "thin," ready to drop based on almost any negative information. The question was what negative information would drive those fragile yes votes to no.

The answer was the constant drum beat of "disclosures" from the Russian/Wiki Leak source, which went unanswered by Mrs. Clinton. Trump grabbed the data on almost a daily basis and hammered Clinton like a prize fighter. Her silence made the attacks true in the minds of her thin votes. Comey's late announcement may have hurt her vote count, but his disclosure was about the email scandal she created, not him. He said he could not control what information came into his office. He could only act on it and if the public data met FBI standards, which he felt it did as Director, and concluded that he had to disclose it.

Mrs. Clinton's reputation, damaging information about her campaign, her emails, and tactical mistakes are why she lost. What Comey reported, which he said he felt he had to disclose as public record, was of her doing, and was not the reason she lost the election, in my opinion

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