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Putin Again?

In my opinion, other than President Donald Trump, virtually all people in U. S. political power acknowledge that the Russians interfered in our 2016 Presidential Election. For those that voted for Trump, a large number of them seem to be very pleased with our country today. I believe they cringe with some of his antics, but for the most part, they feel he has pulled the rug out from under the political establishment. They seem to feel anything is better than what we have had.

I am going to make an assumption here. Most, if not all patriotic Americans, do not want Russia messing around with our Country, and sure the hell don't want a ruthless tyrant and killer like Vladimir Putin anywhere near our Statue of Liberty. If that is a correct assumption, have you considered the following?

  • Experts in the CIA, FBI, NSA and even private business acknowledge that Russia's cyber attack went well beyond the Presidential election. It has been reported that Putin directed similar attacks on other national issues, many state races, and scores of American businesses. Why does that not surprise us when we look at an Ex-KGB pronouncements about wanting to bury the United States? Putin has had and continues to have a sharp focus on attacking America.

  • Long before the election, America suffered a series of nasty outbreaks of violence based on racial differences in Ferguson, Mo., Charleston, S.C., and within dozens of municipal police departments. If you were Putin and you wanted to test your communication potential with your Cyber Attacks before the election, would the race baiting strategy today make sense? Especially if you are an Ex-KGB wonk?

  • Then after the election and through today, would Putin be behind some of the vile turmoil in Charlottesville, Va.; the NFL and now the Air Force Academy? He has proven he can penetrate our communication and social media network. I personally believe that not a single community is immune from these vicious attacks on our American way of life and our long standing principle of support for civil rights. I do not believe Putin has stopped his attacks on our country.

So this Commentary is not directed at President Trump. I have spoken long and often, not about his policies (or lack thereof), but more about his character. I will never support someone who denigrates the disabled and women, while saying that the KKK has some "good people." All of these are recently recorded statements made by Trump. I trust any potential connection between Trump and Putin will come out in Special Counsel Mueller's investigation.

But instead this message is to we Patriotic Americans--almost every citizen of this country. We should wake up. We may be getting rolled by this evil enemy of America--Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government. Let's fight his clandestine attacks like the Great Americans we are.


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