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A Plan for the Democrats

"Let's Think First This Time. Then, Get to Work."

How many times have you heard partisan politicos being criticized, saying, "Fine, what is your plan?" The Democrats and some traditional Republicans have criticized President Donald Trump for his lack of legislative accomplishment, for what seems like decades. Critics say he did not start with a "plan." Those very same critics have offered very few solutions of their own. Even on Obama Care, the opponents know Trump has failed repeatedly on "Repeal and Replace, " so many of them, not all, apparently plan to just let him dangle in the political winds. Trouble comes when Trump dangles in the wind.

But as a Democrat, and a contrarian, I would like to step forward with some very broad goals, to make a change in the White House and Congress. I realize that many will want to focus on the potential candidates, but let's go the other way first--broadly look at the issues with objectives. Here is what I think the Democrats could make as core objectives for 2018 and 2020. Keep in mind, these are broad objectives that need refining into specific strategies and legislation. That is the responsibility of the Democratic Party and the Candidates. As they say, "the devil is in the details." But here is a start:


1. Security For America. The Democrats should move beyond the traditional guns and tanks focus in maintaining our security and preserving the peace. We should recognize that the enemy is attacking us with cyber warfare and terrorist assaults every day. We should codify the expansion of the Department of Defense (working with Homeland Security) into an agency that can also detect and fight successfully cyber attacks and terror assaults, any place, any time. This should be the most important goal of Democratic Plan--the safety and security of America. Extensive research is required on how it will be carried out and the costs. This is made to order for the Silicon Valley and Research Triangle, among others, to help our courageous military fight these scum bags.

2. Civility Among Our People. Trump is handing us an issue that has a basic principle of a free and integrated society--respect and tolerance of fellow citizens. This will not necessarily require new laws, but a grass roots effort to go back to the basics of civility. Most schools teach little about civics and our historic respect for civility for that matter. Local community groups need to come forward with action plans and examples of how we as intelligent Americans, can live and work together, with respect. We don't find the mean spirit and vindictiveness acceptable any more. All sides will need to give on this one.

3. Grow the Economy Vertical and Horizontal. The financial growth of markets in our Country has been astronomical. There is almost nothing that we cannot create or achieve through our capital based businesses. But the business success doesn't always result in new and more opportunities for minorities. Let's drop this notion of government mandating a "redistribution of wealth." Instead, let's put in place support and incentives for mentoring, creating economic incubators and networking in our schools and technical centers, encourage sound private "angel" investing, and let's put even more emphasis on voluntary donations to charity by wealthy and generous individuals. As a former businessman, I can understand the Republican disdain for government taking money from some classes just to give it to others. The massive wealth in our country presents an opportunity for leadership among the titans of industry. It is the right thing to do and those that lead by example, should be recognized loudly. Look at the generosity of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, among many others, helping others to make this a better planet. It can be done.

There are many more potential priorities for public policy changes--education, environment, health care, the elderly, agriculture, smart regulations, infrastructure, and on and on. But these three objectives are fundamental to turning our country around, with a sharp focus on creativity and ingenuity.

Let's think first this time, and then get to work.

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