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Be Careful Republicans

We all know the adage, "Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it." Understandably, the Republicans would like to fill the vacant Republican Senate seat in Alabama with another Republican. The only problem is the Republican nominee is accused of immoral acts against women, including children. Republicans in Washington initially opposed supporting the candidate, but with President leading the way, they now support former State Justice Roy Moore.

But, as a somewhat independent writer, I can't help but wonder if the Republicans are not walking into a trap. The Democrats have moral problems themselves, but they have acted rather quickly to remove those lawmakers from office. In next year's election, compare that to the Trump led Republicans covering for Judge Roy Moore (and allegedly President Trump for multiple attacks on women). The Democrats have taken action on two of their discredited members, Republicans appear to be embracing theirs. Not a good picture of the 2018 elections. Here are the possibilities for the Republicans, if Moore wins:

  • Seat him, and a long, distasteful Ethics investigation will result, hurting the Republicans.

  • Seat him, he becomes a nightmare to manage for Senator McConnell and his leadership.

  • Expel him from the Senate and the Alabama Republican Governor appoints a replacement, but it may take months, with an open seat (which the Republicans cannot afford). When the election comes up in 2018, Alabama re-elects him again, and we do this all over again.

  • Censure him, and he becomes a constant target for the Democrats and the press, affecting the 2018 election.

  • Exonerate him, and he becomes a constant target for the Democrats and the press and he faces the high profile litigation from his accusers.

It appears to be a lose-lose for the Republicans if he wins and serves in the U. S. Senate.

An interesting reverse strategy that the Republicans would never take, but might actually work to their favor would be:

Let the Democrat, Doug Jones win the election in Alabama. He serves less than a year without any Roy Moore problems hurting the Republican elections in 2018. Alabama turns around in 2018 and elects a Republican, replacing the Democrat Jones. If it is Moore, at least he would not bring down all the other Republicans around the country in the 2018 elections. If it is not Moore, but certainly a Republican, the national Republicans have a win-win. Probably wouldn't happen even though it might be a wise move for Republicans.

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