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Quorum Call for Reporter Rick Flagg

During the Golden Age of the Florida Legislature (the '70's and '80's), most of the Capitol Press Corps was pretty "button down." I am talking about physical appearance, not philosophy. One obvious exception was 6' 3" Rick Flagg, with a long, burly red beard, and never a coat and tie. The unwise legislator would make the mistake of thinking that Rick was just a rabble rouser during the questions and answers at a press conference. He was always prepared, knowledgeable, polite, and respected the time honored traditions of the Florida Legislature. He just did not have a high tolerance for people who would not answer his questions, or worse, blow off the Press Corps. Although still young today by political standards, you will still find Rick working the College Avenue Press Center. And we, as Floridians, grateful for the independence of the press, are fortunate he is.


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