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Trump's Plan

With the charge and guilty plea of General Flynn, the Trump strategy to save his White House is becoming clear. His lawyers have persuaded Trump not to try and fire Special Prosecutor Mueller, knowing that the Congress would immediately move to impeach him. Probably with ease.

So his strategy is to focus on the agencies that Mueller relies upon to prosecute Trump. That would primarily be State, CIA, and Attorney General. Trump is expecting Sessions to fall soon for perjury to Congress, and that will give him a chance to appoint someone he feels is totally loyal to him as AG. Trump is moving to humiliate Tillerson into resigning. After the resignation, he will appoint his loyal friend, Mike Pompeii as Secretary of State. Then he will appoint loyalist Tom Cotton to CIA to round out the strategy. Trump will expect these new appointments to make life hell for the Special Prosecutor and his work.

A tricky move that is probably going to be required by Trump is if his Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, and/or son Trump, Jr. get fingered by Mueller. Pundits think that Trump is planning to pardon any family members prosecuted, but even that strategy could be circumvented by moving the venue of charges to the State of New York.

This whole mess reminds me of Br'er Rabbit in the Briar Patch. The more Trump squirms and cries, the deeper he digs his trap. It is so sad to see such a great country reduced to this morass. Our democracy has really not been tested like this since Watergate. Hang tough America.


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