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"...making America smaller..."

None would argue that the Wall Street Journal ("WSJ") is among the most conservative and pro business publications in the world. Further, their columnist Professor William A. Galston, who holds the distinguished Ezra Z. Zilkha Chair at the Brookings Institute, is widely recognized for his solid opinions on international affairs, carried in the WSJ. But the Professor often takes exception with some of the rigid right positions of the paper, like one of his opinions recently titled, "Making America Smaller." I found it ironic that Trump said he was going to make America Great Again, but the professor suggests that Trump is actually making the US influence in the World much smaller, and raises the question if that is great for America? Here are his main points:

  • "By pulling out of the TPP...[America] has ceded economic leadership in Asia and beyond to China."

  • 'As a result China is now threatening America's special relationship with Vietnam.'

  • 'Further, critically important Philippine President Duterte is said to be abandoning his alliance with America in favor of China.'

  • 'Australia has rolled their eyes at Trump's bizarre pronouncements since his election.'

  • "In the Middle East...Trump is busy giving ground to Russia. Putin is conducting Syrian Peace Talks" without America at the table.

  • "Turkey, a member of NATO since 1952, is endorsing the Kremlin's leading role."

  • "Cairo [Egypt] has just struck a deal allowing the largest Russian military presence on its soil and in it's airspace since 1973."

  • Trump "has driven a wedge between the U.S. and Germany, long our closest ally on the Continent."

  • "The United Kingdom may not survive his [Trump] repeated gaffes capped by his impulsive decision to re-tweet discredited anti-Muslim videos..." [Trump apparently knows this by cancelling his previously scheduled visit.]

  • Trump's "leadership is sorely trying Canadian's patience."

  • "Mexico's people have also been united against the U.S. [by Trump's policies]."

  • Trump has no discernible policy against Central and South America, "and that is probably a good thing."

Professor Galston made his comments before Trump's controversial declaration about the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, torpedoing delicate negotiations in the region for untold numbers of countries and the United Nations.

Does reducing America's influence in the world render us a greater country? Apparently Trump thinks so.


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