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But Governor....lawfully

I confess. I have always found former Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal interesting (particularly as an immigrant), but never convincing. He like Ohio Republican Governor Kasich, brag about all they have done to make their states the best in our country. I just don't see any realistic national vision of improving our country from either of them.

But I did read a recent Op Ed by Gov. Jindal that opened my eyes. He says most GOP voters know that Donald Trump changed his former quasi liberal philosophy to a more conservative one because that is what he had to do to win the Republican primary. They know that he probably doesn't really believe in much of what he is espousing, but as long as he keeps pushing their buttons on abortion, the 2nd Amendment, a strong military, charter schools, deregulation, conservative judges, tax cuts and pro Israel positions, they are OK. Some Republicans feel he has overdone it on immigration, race, past personal behavior, environmental assaults, lack of intellectual curiosity, eliminating safety net social services, ignorance of foreign affairs, attacking the press and critics, and outright lying to the public. It has been hard, but the Evangelicals seem to have settled in with his alleged immoral indiscretions (dozens), thinking most of them are exaggerated by the press.

But the Governor says the real difference in politics now is Trump's behavior toward the traditional Washington institutions like Congress, the national press, and the bureaucracy (including his own). Trump's war of words and actions against the establishment is what unites the right wing of the Republican Party and the new Tea Party wing. Trump is a master at seizing on the symbols of anger--a wall, recognizing Christmas, reams of paper regulations, military symbols, bureaucratic screw ups, Hillary Clinton's behavior, foreign aid, the United Nations, and the NFL protests.

Governor Jindal says the GOP leaders need to be less timid, and more provocative like Trump. He may be right for temporary polls, but Trump may be overstaying his time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to continue his flamboyant service to our country through his term..

The volumes of litigation against Trump, now over a year old, range from Collusion with a Foreign Enemy, Obstructing Justice, Violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, Dozens of Sexual Assualts, and an unknown number of personal character and business lawsuits. 13 indictments just came down last week against Russians interfering with our election, even though Trump previously said Russia was not involved. Most of this litigation is being handled by some of the best and most experienced legal minds in our country. The President may feel he has immunity from this litigation, but he also may be wrong. If he does testify under oath with the Special Prosecutor, he will almost certainly add a serious perjury charge to the list above. Trump's days in the White House may be numbered.

Governor Jindal may be right that the GOP and the country like a brazen swashbuckler like Donald Trump to stir things up in our Capitol. But Governor, it will have to be one that does so lawfully.


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