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Trump and Clinton Have This in Common

"For Both of Them, It is Always Someone Else."

In the same day, I heard both President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do the same thing. They both blamed anyone but themselves for their failures.

In Trump's case, after personally campaigning in Pennsylvania for the Republican candidate (and raving about his attributes) in a district that Trump won by 20 points 2 years ago, Trump blamed the apparent loss on the candidate. This is not the first time Trump blamed others for an election loss. He did the same thing after the shocking Judge Roy Moore's Republican loss in Alabama. After bragging about selecting the best and brightest to serve in his Administration, he fired the same day of the election above, almost his last serving original Cabinet member, saying it was the fired's fault.

Almost concurrently with Trump's embarrassment, Mrs. Clinton had a public debrief in India of why she lost her almost certain victory over Trump. She blamed her loss on 'the Democratic Party losing white male voters and white wives of male voters. She said nothing about her and her husband's universal unethical reputation. This was the second straight upset loss of a thought to be certain Clinton election, after her husband was impeached by the House of Representatives, as President.

The amazing thing about both these massive ego's is it would be so natural for both of them to say, 'You know, I think that one is on me." Or, they could say, 'I am human, I dropped the ball, but I am going to work on that.' I can just hear the sigh of relief from Americans.

But don't hold you breath. On either of them.


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