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War. 1,2,3.

"Last month, Russian mercenaries attacked our troops in Syria. The US courageously fought back and hammered them. Putin denied everything. Trump said nothing. The Congress and NATO did nothing."

Remember as kid the expression, "It is as easy as 1,2,3." Watching the world stage recently, the kid's expression came to mind. The way we are going, another war in the Middle East looks as easy as 1,2,3. Consider:

  • America has long stood loyally in support of Israel.

  • Putin snookered Obama into joining the 2011 Syrian War in exchange for Assad removing his chemical weapons being used against his own people; and fighting ISIS.

  • Iran deftly joined Russia and Syria to defeat ISIS and support Assad.

  • Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel.

  • Russia takes over running the Syrian War as Trump turns everything over to Putin and our military. Our Congress and NATO (with whom we have a lesser influence) seem to be AWOL on Syria.

  • Trump brags that he is responsible for eliminating ISIS, which is now the active Talaban.

  • Iran is said to be positioning for an all out attack on Israel, while Putin looks the other way.

  • last month, Russian mercenaries attacked US troops in Syria, nearly provoking a war between the 2 super powers. Putin denied everything. Trump did nothing.

  • North Korea joins the Syrian fight by secretly aiding the delivery of deadly gas to Assad.

  • The US and NATO still appear to be AWOL on direction of the War in Syria and Iran's clandestine positioning to attack Israel.

  • The US and Israel might be getting into a new War with Iran, Russia, North Korea, and Syria (and many more bad players in the Middle East).

  • The recent Trump appointments of Secretary of State-Designate Pompeo and NSA Director Bolton should only accelerate the action.

This is how Wars start--this will be our third now, this one with the joint responsibility of Obama and Trump and an AWOL Congress.


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