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Beijing for Des Moines


Most political students know that the centerpiece of most political settlements is the trade. It is as simple as, "I'll give you this, if you give me that." The trades are not always equal so there may be other considerations.

So, when President Trump recently announced our tariff policy would protect our steel and aluminum industries with tariffs, a response was expected. He said he targeted China, and quickly added a 25% tariff on $50 Billion in Chinese-made goods. No surprise, China immediately issued a $50 Billion Tariff on American exports. Both China and the U.S. say there are more nasty 'trades' to come. This is what is called a Trade War. Some would say it was unnecessary.

But a closer look at Trump targeting China is revealing. Importantly included in it's list for tariffs are soybeans with the U.S. as largest producers, and you guessed it--China the biggest importer. The big losers in the U.S. are the Midwest farmers. Specifically Iowa...and Des Moines. The big winners--Argentina and Brazil for the soybeans.

So back to the trade equation, you might say we are punishing Beijing in exchange for having Des Moines get hammered. But, perhaps Trump mis-fired on the products at the Chinese. As I have tried to do so many times in this column--remind everyone that there are three branches of government. AND THEY ARE EQUAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT.

Mr. President, in the Congress, were you aware the powerful Senior Senator representing Iowa and Des Moines is Chuck Grassley? You may recall he is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee that will handle the Mueller findings on your potential crimes, and all of your judicial appointments. Oh, and if you forgot it, your respected Ambassador to China is none other that the former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Did I say that he was so popular in Iowa that no one has ever served as long in office as a Governor? Ever.

Mr. President, I know you are impulsive. But, THERE ARE THREE EQUAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT.


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