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Immediate Impact of Bolton and Pompeo to the Iran Deal

This writer has previously pointed out that one of the attributes (few to note yet) of President Trump is the uncertainty of his actions. I know that sounds strange for uncertainty to be an attribute. Most fair analysis would suggest that we would not have the North Koreans about to negotiate a possible weapons stand down if they were not totally unsure of Trump's next move. Admittedly Trump lies most of the time and changes his mind more than he does not, but perhaps those faults amplify his uncertainty. That uncertainty can be a plus for tough negotiations.

In any event, Trump's recent firings and then hiring of at least two new advisers seems to be having an immediate impact on world affairs. New National Security Adviser John Bolton and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo only add to the hawkish reputation of the United States now. That in turn immediately affected the controversial Iran Nuclear Deal, which President Trump walked away from this week. Specifically, for the European co-signers to the Deal, the stakes now become immense. Trump has laid some draconian conditions by which America will reconsider the pact. Most observers say the Europeans cannot help but cave to the U.S. demands, at least to some major extent.

With the addition of Bolton and Pompeo's ultra conservative voices on the Deal our negotiating team is finally all on the same page, which is probably a first for this Administration. It may not be the best decision, but it was probably unanimous within the Administration. For negotiating from a position of strength, as former President Ronald Reagan always said, unity is a good thing.

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