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Justice Moves Slowly, But....

It is said that 'Justice Moves Slowly.' But in the case of litigation against President Trump, it appears today that Justice is coming to a head in three different cases. Keep in mind, this is over and above the mega litigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on behalf of the Department of Justice. The DOJ cases are: 1) Money Laundering, Bank Fraud, and Campaign Violations, 2) Collusion with the Russians, and 3)Obstruction of Justice. There are no time lines on these DOJ cases, but they appear to be progressing.

Separate from those 3 actions, are the following three suits that may even be more significant, at least now, because the court has recently ruled against Trump on two, and they all will require action by Trump now:

1. In New York, the Court ruled against Trump's motion that he is immune from suit over sexually assaulting a woman, because he is President. With this ruling, the suit can go forward including deposing the President and probably subpoenaing his tax returns. The Plaintiff is Summer Zervos. This is serious.

2. The states of Maryland and Washington D.C. have used an obscure Article of our Constitution dealing with Emoluments for suits against Trump. Emoluments mean gifts to the President. By Trump keeping open his hotel in the Capitol and not suspending ownership, he profits from hotel revenue (arguably, some customers may want to curry favor with the President, staying in his hotel, while in the Capitol). One of the four pending Emoluments suits has a ruling that the suit can go forward. The penalty could be significant because Trump keeps the practice going, including helping China's sanctioned ZTE Telecommunications Company in exchange for financing a Trump real estate ventrue, knowing it is a potential violation of the Constitution. Also the subpoenaing of his tax records on this suit is a certainty. This is serious.

3. The Stormy Daniels litigation is gathering the most press, and has now taken a very serious turn to impact Trump and the Mueller investigation.

Trump on Air Force One just said he knew nothing about the $130,000. He has not signed the Agreement. Since the $130,000 was the consideration for the Agreement, it must be argued that there is no Agreement with Trump involved. That means with no Non Disclosure Agreement, Daniels can talk all she wants about the case. For Trump's Attorney, it probably means disbarment, bank fraud, and a probable charge of a unreported campaign contribution. Recently Trump contradicted his position in this case, so it is unknown what his position is, but perjury is a possibility. Trump's new attorney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly made contradictory statements on the issue on behalf of Trump.

Now, Daniel's attorney says he has evidence that the Russians paid Cohen large sums of money after the election. If the bank records show that money went into the account from which Cohen paid Daniels, it would appear to be solid evidence of collusion by the Russians to help Trump.

Trump's attorneys' greatest fear must be that a ruling against them in any of these cases, only accelerates all the other suits, which can then be amended to fit with the new successful ruling.


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