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I am offering a new Subscription Service

As many of you know, I got into publishing Political Blogs or Commentary shortly after the release of my book, The Golden Years...of the Florida Legislature about 10 years ago. The idea was recommended by my Publisher to promote the book. It has been very successful and I thank you.

I have now covered state and national issues and individuals without regard to party or ideology, spanning over 500 posts. I have tried to call the shots they way I see them, and pledge to keep my independent streak. Some of my posts have drawn state and national attention--like when I called Osama Bin Ladens' killing 4 days in advance for ABC TV News; my call that Republican Charles Christ would run for U. S. Senator as an Independent; and that Governor Rick Scott would drop his Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll.

I have had this current Commentary since August, 2016, and you can scan the 154 posts on my current web page to judge my work. I have published previous Blogs on Word Press, Florida Politics and the Tallahassee Democrat. I include reprints of the popular Quorum Call of former legislators, staff, lobbyists, and press from the Golden Age of the Florida Legislature. Although I do not lobby, I do try to keep my Tallahassee contacts current and read multiple daily communications about Florida and National politics to keep my Commentary up to date. My bio is available on this Blog.

Receiving requests from many of you, I have decided to convert my Commentary to a paid subscription service for readers on state and national issues and individuals. I will focus on information that you cannot otherwise find. When subscriptions meet my goals, I will only produce Commentary for paid Subscribers. If you think you would be interested in receiving such a private communication, please respond as follows:

Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

_______ Yes, I would like to subscribe for 52 issues at the introductory price of $75 per year. Subscription also includes:

  • A soft cover or e-book version of my nationally recognized book, The Golden Years...The Florida Legislature, '70's & '80's. Reflections on Campaigns and Public Service.​

  • A "Quorum Call" interview with subscribers involved in Florida politics during the '70's and '80's to be published in my Commentary.

Please email your interest to:

Thank you.


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