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Democrats. Just Think.

This is my first Commentary sent to Subscribers. For information: Thank you.

Democrats think a big blue tidal wave is coming in November. If they don't start using their head, they are going to find they missed the peak of the wash out. Here are some of the false hopes of the Democrats today:

  • President Donald Trump will face impeachment in the House of Representatives. The potential charges are Collusion with the Russians; Perjury; and Obstruction of Justice, among others.

  • Trump will be pressured to remove EPA Director Scott Pruitt, OMB Director Mike Mulvaney; Secretaries of Education Betsy Voss; Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson; Interior Ryan Zinke; Treasurery Steve Mnuchin; Commerce Wilbur Ross; and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The charges here range from perjury, to fraud, to obstruction of Justice, among others..

In their delight to get back on the Republicans for the 2016 election loss, the Democrats will actually shoot themselves in the foot, if they pursue these vindictive actions. Here is why:

1. After his historic upset election against the powerful Washington elite, President Trump would martyr himself, as he will say, 'like never seen before.' Just as there are 40% in his base, there are probably 40% on the other side, leaving the 20% in the middle to decide the outcome in the 2018 mid term elections. My guess is those people want their government back, functioning. The exhaustive impeachment hearings might very well backfire on the Democrats.

2. Trump's Cabinet, those left from the beginning, were suppose to be the best and brightest. They were going to be draining the swamp. Instead they have filled the swamp with more corruption and ignorance that any previous Administration--Democrat or Republican. Trump would probably not replace them because he could not get replacements confirmed with just months to the election. Duh, the Democrats should not want replacements. They need these targets to hit on the campaign trail. These people are made to order, for the alleged charges shown above.

Democrats. Just think.


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