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The Real Issues in our U.S. Senate Race

Issue 3 of Subscriber Commentary.

Wars, Budget, Social Services, Environment, Integrity.

The political ads in the race for one of Florida's two seats in the U.S. are starting to run across the state. Pictures of candidates in their military attire, boasts about term limits, and who has been effective dominate both major candidates advertising--three term incumbent U. S. Senator Bill Nelson (D.) and two term Florida Governor Rick Scott (R.).

First, full disclosure. I served with Senator Nelson in the Florida House of Representatives. I have contributed to his campaigns, but not in the last 25+ years. I am not now active in either campaign in any way.

What do I think are the major issues for your consideration in this pivotal race for control of the U.S. Senate?

1. Wars. What are you going to do to bring our troops home from harm's way in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? How long should be given for North Korea to remove all their nuclear weapons? What is your position on Putin and Russia? Should only the military decide on our war policy?

2. Budget. What are you going to do about our hemorrhaging budget imbalance? What about the tax cut that bypassed the non-millionaires? What is your position on Trump's current tariff policy? What role should public policy play in economic development?

3. Social Services. What are you going to do about health care? What about medicare and social security? What about public education? What about guns and crime? What is your position on Immigration?

4. Environment. What are you going to do to protect our public resources of air, water, open spaces and access? Should the President fire EPA Director Pruitt? Do you favor any oil drilling off the coast of Florida?

5. Integrity. Will you sign a contract with America to not lie, act civil with your colleagues, not conduct corrupt activities, and voluntary step aside if charged with any crime, until adjudication?

Specifics please. Answers, not talking points.

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