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The Slime Crime REPRINT

Post #5, Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

Post #11, Bob McKnight's Political Commentary

Yes, a reprint of this Commentary is that important. This "Slime Crime" will be THE ISSUE in the Governor's and Senate Race in Florida.

It is Summer and time for the green slime to move through South Florida canals into the pristine waters off Stuart. The source of this ugly and dangerous pollution is well known. The agriculture interests (primarily sugar, citrus, vegetables and cattle) around Lake Okeechobee have helped themselves for years to free waste disposal of the water supply and recreational fishing activities of South Florida.

Is it new? Not at all, we were fighting the same issues when I was in the Florida Legislature, starting some 44 years ago.

Who is responsible for policing and enforcing this serious environmental crime?

  • Governor Rick Scott. He appoints the members of the South Florida Water Management District and the Department of Environmental Protection, the regulators of the crime.

  • Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. He regulates the agriculture industry.

  • All members of the Legislature. They pass the laws and funding of all state activities.

This is an election year folks. This is the time to hold the people responsible for the crime accountable.

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